It's just a God thing

Last July I told my parents that I wanted to go to El Salvador this summer. They thought I was crazy. Despite their response, I knew that this was God's will, so I did the only two things I knew to do...Pray and Save. Then, November hit. I was invited by my youth pastor to go on the youth's mission trip to Missions, Texas. I prayed about it, once again knew it was God's will, so I told my parents. There response was less than desirable. So once again, I did only what I knew to do, pray and save. Now, it's June. I leave in 2 weeks for El Salvador and 6 weeks for Texas. The fact that I am going on these trips is totally a God thing. He has worked out so many details. It's been so amazing to sit back and watch how God's been working. This is the first time in my life, where I knew God had called me somewhere, and I had to totally rely on Him to make it happen. He has opened up doors, changed hearts, and provided for my needs. When I first signed up for these trips it was to go and help others, but I can see already that my purpose wasn't just to minister to the kids in El Salvador and Texas. My purpose for Christ to take me on a journey that would challenge me more than ever before.