A look into the Mirror

There is something special about the bond between a father and daughter. To a little girl her father is a hero and king. He makes her feel special and like a princess. From the fathers point of view the daughter is a precious daughter to love unconditionally and always be there for. "You're my little Girl" by Go Fish puts in well. The song goes like this:
The ones you love they let you down
And I want you to know that I¹m sorry
The choices that they made were wrong
You were caught in the middle and I¹m sorry
So when the anger and the pain
Get the best of you
I know it seems like you¹re all alone
But I am feeling it too

'Cuz you're my little girl
You¹re the one that I created
No one in this world could ever be like you
When you're cryin' in the night
All you need to do is call me
I¹ll be there for you
'Cuz you¹re my little girls.

2When you're lookin in the mirror
I hope you're likin' what you see
Because no matter what you're feelin'
You're perfect to me
Because I see you as a child
Blameless in my sight
Just spend some time with me
And I¹ll make everything alright


I know you don't deserve what you've been through
I know it doesn't seem fair
I know that there are times you think you're alone
But you've got to know that I will be there, be there

That same special relationship a daughter has with her father, she can also have with her Heavenly Father. He loves us like no one else could.

The first time I heard this song on the radio I fell in love with it. There is one part that really sticks out to me that I wish I could tell every girl. "When you're lookin in the mirror
I hope you're likin' what you see, Because no matter what you're feelin',You're perfect to me". It really hit me about how we view ourselves. When we look into the mirror and say "yuck" or "ugly" we are calling God's creation ugly and bad. God not only said "it was good" after he made man, he also says he is enthralled by our beauty. I had never thought about the implication when you say you or someone else is ugly. God loves us, He thinks were beautiful. I would much rather go by God's definition of beauty than the worlds. So, next time you look into the mirror and see what you might think is "pure ugliness" remember that God created you and thinks you are beautiful.


A Prayer of a Friend

Lord,I apologize..for everything.I apologize now, in front of the ones I love, for all that I've failed to do.I apologize for the days I forgot about you.How can I forget about you?! You're my creator, my savior, my love! But those days that I forgot about you, you still loved me. You still walked by my side. You still protected me. You NEVER forgot about me when I forgot about you. Lord, I won't forget. I can't forget. For its your love, that I'm here.I apologize for the days I did remember you, but put you last. I apologize for putting you at the bottom of my list of things to do. I apologize for putting others before you. How can I put you last?! When you made sure to put me first in your mind everyday, when you thought about me first when you were DYING on the cross! Lord, I apologize. I won't put you last anymore. I can't put you last anymore. For its your love, that I'm here, because you thought of me first.I apologize for playing the game. I apologize for pretending. I apologize for the days that I said I read my Bible, and the days I said I prayed, and the days I said I did my devotion, when I honestly didn't Lord. I apologize for lying to people, and I apologize for lying to you most importantly. You didn't just pretend to die for me, you didn't just pretend to have the spear pierced through your side, you didn't just pretend to have nails driven into your precious palms and feet. You didn't just pretend to have a crown of thorns pierced through your scalp. You DID it Lord. You did it with the most compassion, love, and kindness in your heart. Cause you weren't pretending. So Lord, I apologize again. I apologize for being the one to drive those nails and thorns into you Lord, because its because of my sin that you did that Lord. I can't thank you enough! I won't pretend anymore, I can't pretend anymore. For its your love and pain on that cross, that I'm here. Thank you Lord.I apologize too Lord for the chances I didn't take. I apologize for ignoring every opportunity you placed in front of me to witness. I apologize for thinking about me instead of my friends, or the stranger in front of me who needed you Lord. Because now, because of my selfishness. Their blood will be on my hands, Lord. I apologize for the endless amount of selfishness I had in my heart, when it was my turn to feel pain. I'm feeling it now Lord. I'm sorry for being selfish. To the ones that I could have witnessed to, to the ones that may never know about Christ because of me, I apologize. I apologize with the deepest sincerity. I hope someday someone is less selfish than me, and thinks of you first. Like Christ did for us. So I apologize once again. I won't be selfish. I can't be selfish. For its your love and unselfishness, that I'm here.I love you Lord. And I know I've done wrong. I know I've failed you many times before. But I'm sorry Lord. I'm done being selfish and thinking about myself. Its all about you Lord. All I need is you and your love Lord. I will be a light for you. And not a flickering, fading light. I will shine bright for all to see, because its not about me, its about you. Thank you Lord.

This prayer was written by Brittany Boyd, a girl I go to church with. As I reflected over it, I realzied how true it was, and how much I needed it to be my prayer as well. How many times I have I not shown Christ love to someone who is hurting because of my selfness. So, it is my prayer and I hope it might even be yours too.


I want to be loving

Some days are just so frustrating. Hair doesn't cooperate, pop quiz, extra assignments, and you family is mad at you!!! Arg! Some days are better than others. I just wish knew they understood what I'm going through right now. They don't understand in pain I have from seeing some of my close friends going through hard times. When my friends hurt (especially my "sisters" and "kids") it stings my heart and brings tears to my eyes. The past few weeks have just been one thing after another. From cancer, divorce, possibly being molested, everything around my house is breaking, and I have to figure out how to get around $1500 for the summer! (Deep breath).

You know how those days go. Everything around you seems to come crashing down (or is on the verge too). However, there is one thing in my life that isn't breaking, in fact it's remaining strong and firm. Serving as an anchor. What is that you ask that is so strong in this storm? It's Jesus Christ. He is always there for me, He knows me and understands why all of this going on.

If you are going through tough times run to our Daddy King. He loves you unconditionally and is there for you. He knows you better than anyone else, and fully understands things that we cannot even begin to comprehend!

Dear Daddy King, Thank for loving me, and caring for me. Thank you for all that you have done. Lord, right now I am going through a hard time. The storms of life are strong. Hold me in your arms Daddy and hold me close. Thank you for being my anchor and stronghold in this time. I love you Daddy. Amen


Vision before Provision

As humans, we want security. Knowing what we are going to get and how we are going to get it. However, God does not work like that. Instead of providing us with a thousand dollars then a vision to go to Africa, He provides for us a vision, THEN the provisions. For me, that is something that I am learning. Just like Nehemiah, David Wilkerson, Jim Elliot and so many more, God has proived the vision first. Nehemiah, a slave of the king of Persa in 446bc. He had a vision, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. After many months of praying, he petationed the king and the king provided for his vision. Just like Nehemiah asked the King of Persia, we can call upon the King of Kings, our Father, and Savior. My Daddy King has provided me with a vision-To go to El Salvador and Worldview this summer. However, the provisions I do not have. Although El Salvador is not a for sure thing, I know that God will provided the provisions for me if He wants me to go. Our God is just amazing like that. He provieds the vision, then in ways we sometimes least expect it, He provides the means to fulfil the vision. Thank you Daddy King!