I want to be loving

Some days are just so frustrating. Hair doesn't cooperate, pop quiz, extra assignments, and you family is mad at you!!! Arg! Some days are better than others. I just wish knew they understood what I'm going through right now. They don't understand in pain I have from seeing some of my close friends going through hard times. When my friends hurt (especially my "sisters" and "kids") it stings my heart and brings tears to my eyes. The past few weeks have just been one thing after another. From cancer, divorce, possibly being molested, everything around my house is breaking, and I have to figure out how to get around $1500 for the summer! (Deep breath).

You know how those days go. Everything around you seems to come crashing down (or is on the verge too). However, there is one thing in my life that isn't breaking, in fact it's remaining strong and firm. Serving as an anchor. What is that you ask that is so strong in this storm? It's Jesus Christ. He is always there for me, He knows me and understands why all of this going on.

If you are going through tough times run to our Daddy King. He loves you unconditionally and is there for you. He knows you better than anyone else, and fully understands things that we cannot even begin to comprehend!

Dear Daddy King, Thank for loving me, and caring for me. Thank you for all that you have done. Lord, right now I am going through a hard time. The storms of life are strong. Hold me in your arms Daddy and hold me close. Thank you for being my anchor and stronghold in this time. I love you Daddy. Amen

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