Hello? Does anyone care???

Sometimes it just takes a few words to hope to help clear the fog. This year at school, the Club 121 and FCA didn't do so well. Actually, they have never done well. Whenever the subject of God comes up, it seems as if most could care less. It's like there is a void at school. The attitude is whatever works for you, just don't bring me into it. But beneath the crust of a hardened heart is one that is searching and wanting more. They are not satisfied. They want something more than they have. They want something more, they know there is something bigger out there, and they want it. Although right now it seems that we are not making any progress, and people just don't care, God is still working in their hearts. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Bigger things are yet to come, big things are still yet to happen in this city. God's work is not finished here.


Day of Truth

Today was the day of Truth. The Day of Truth is about talking with people about homosexuality and sharing the Truth of Christ with them in love. To say the least, it's been very interesting. Some, as expected, hated it, and hated us for doing it. However, there were some that were glad, and excited about it. Today I want to talk about opposition.

When you do something for Christ, you will face opposition. It's just a fact. 2 Timothy 3:12 says, "Anyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Take today for example, the hate filled words still echo in my head, "How could you do that, my best friend is gay", "Don't ever do something like this again", "Your just being judgemental", "Stop preaching Jesus Freak". Now, I used to be completely discouraged and brought down my comments like these, but not anymore. I was talking to my dad about it a few years ago on the Day of Truth, and he said 6 words. "Your are known by your enemies". I began to think about that, and my thoughts on being made fun of for being a Christian and standing for truth changed. You see, if you are being made fun of, then people are taking a notice, and that's a good thing. So, next time you're teased or made fun of, I encourage you to remember, You are known my your enemies.



Yesterday was the Day of Silence. For those of you who don't know the Day of Silence which is sponsored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) encourages students take a vale of silence for a day to support homosexuality. Well, Monday is the Day of Truth, sponsored by ADF (Alliance Defence Fund) to counter act the Day of Silence. It's all about speaking Christ truth in love.

With all of these things going on, I've been thinking about lot about homosexuality. The bible clearly says it is wrong (for more information check out Lev. 18:22, and Romans 1:26-27). As Christians we shouldn't support it, but how often do we act like we do? It's become such a cultural norm, that somethings I think we don't even know that we are support it. Let me explain. One way it is supported is by joking about it. There are always those few little jokes about a "homo" that are going around. We've all heard them, but do we laugh and go along? Another way we support it is by pretending to be homosexual. It doesn't take long to hop on facebook and find two girls who in their status are married. Most of the time, they are not lesbians, but just messing around. These are just two of the many ways it has become a part of our culture. If you still aren't convinced look at all of the homosexual support clubs in schools, turn on the T.V. (bet you can find at least one example of someone who is a homosexual during prim time), or the Internet.

As Christians we need to take a stand and avoid the appearance of evil. My challenge to you is to keep your eyes pealed and just see how socially acceptable it has become, then strive to speak Christ truth.


A Perfect Example

When I think of people in my life who “Do Hard Things”, the first person that comes to my mind is my grandpa My grandpa, even though he is going on 70, is constantly doing and coordinating mission activates.
Several years ago my grandpa retired from being an electoral worker. Instead of relaxing after years of being a dad, husband, and having a full time job, he accepted a job with Missouri Baptist Builders as Missouri Coordinator. He, along with my grandma goes out of time almost every week working on a church. If he’s not out of town, then he’s in town working on a church here. My grandpa has sacrificed so much. Once you retire, at least according to the world, you’re supposed to sit back and relax. However, my grandpa has chosen not just to sit back, he’s a man on a mission. He knows that there are still people who don’t know the love of our Lord, and he wants to change that. So, I just want to say thanks Grandpa, for everything. Not only have you taken me with you on countless trips, introduced me to missions, been a godly role model, but you have also been an example to “Do Hard Things”. I love you!


Do What???

What would you do if I said, "I want to do hard things, will you join me?". I'm sure some of you would think that I was crazy and want to know if I hit my head or something. However, I know two guys who would join me in a heartbeat. Brett and Alex Harris are challenging teens to "Do Hard Things". We live in a culture that says to take the easy way out, let someone else do it, or not even waisting the time to care. Brett and Alex want to change that. In 2005, when the twin brothers were only 17, they started the Rebelution (www.therebelution.com) The Rebelution is a rebellion against society's low expectations for teens. The Rebelution mainly focuses on teens, but the message spreads to every age group. Just like society expects teens to party and blow off important things, society expects senor citizens to sit around and knit or play golf. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, you have the chance to make a difference. So many Christians today just do enough to get by in life, they never try a challenge. What would happen if Christian's all around the world (or even just in the U.S.), united and strived to do hard things? My question to you is, "Will you join us?" It won't be easy, but it will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do! Take a stand, and join the Rebelution!


Could it be better than tour guide Barbie? (oh yeah)

The past few days I have been talking about trials and struggles in our lives, and have compared them to mountains. Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news, you will always have struggles in your life, but the good news is you having someone to lead you through. We have a guide who knows the way forward and backward. God is our guide in life.

The nice thing about having a guide is that you know if you follow them, than you will arrive safely to your destination. But that’s just the thing, you have to follow them. When we follow God, we must surrender our ways, our thoughts, and our dreams fully to Him. If we don’t, then we start to follow our own trail, which is can lead to us getting hurt and lost.

Now, I’m not saying this is going to be easy. In fact, it’s going to be really hard. I can't grantee that He will lead you down the easy road. There will be potholes and branches in the middle of the road along the way will challenge us. It is through these challenges that we grown closer to Him. By surrendering it all, we are taken to a whole new level as we allow Christ to work through us. I leave you will a promise, if you surrender it all and follow the guide, this journey will be the most exciting and amazing journey you ever had.


Halfway up the mountain

As I sit here in 2nd hour my mind is racing. How silly was I last night? Even though I knew today would be ok, it is still hard. Everything I’ve been working for hasn’t been cut down, it has just been challenged. Last night all I saw was a huge mountain before me. I knew that everything would be okay, but all my emotions saw was this huge mountain.
Last night I knew in my mind and in my heart that no matter what my hair looked like, God would still love me, and so would my friends, but my flesh didn’t seem to quite agree. There was a part of me that was completely scared. Now I’m halfway up the mountain. The top is coming into view. I get a glimpse of the promise that the valley is ahead and things will get easier.

I wonder how many times we think like that when faced with a challenge. All we see is the big mountain. We wonder how (or if) we will ever make it. I think that we totally forget that we are just looking at a small part of the picture. When all we see is a mountain, God sees the valley ahead, as well as the next mountain. All we have to do is trust Him. Trust that He will lead us over the mountain.


Being Transparent

The emotions are coming back again. Everything that I have worked so hard for the past year and a half feels like it has been cut down. (literally). Over the past year and a half I have really been working on learning about true beauty. I had bought into the lie that beauty was determined by your waist line, and perfect hair. Well, today the lie came whispering again. I got my hair cut, and they lady cut off more than I would like (let's just say for all of the Brio readers that the 30Th came a few days early).

As I sat talking to my friend, kind of distressed, I began to think (and kind of get mad). I know that I know that I know that beauty is not based on outward appearances, but since part of my outward appearance has been altered, I'm having an issue with it. It's the craziest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

I know that just because my hair had been cut doesn't make me ugly. I know in my heart and in my mind that beauty is not defined by this, but my emotions don't agree. I know Satan is whispering lies into my ear. "How could you do something so dumb", "No one is going to like you because you got your hair cut", "The next six weeks are going to be the worst of your life because of your hair". As I hear those things being whispered part of me wants to believe him, yet my heart and mind are yelling, "LIAR LIAR LIAR", "THE KING IS ENTHRALLED MY YOUR BEAUTY; HONOR HIM FOR HE IS YOU LORD", AND "I PRAISE YOU BECAUSE I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. YOUR WORKS ARE WONDERFUL, I KNOW THAT FULL WELL".

Now, I even know that this is crazy, getting all upset over a hair cut, but it's something that I struggle with. Tomorrow will be a tough day, but I know that God is going to be right there beside me, holding my hand and leading the way, all of the time being enthralled by my beauty.


You get up at what time?!?!?

All my life I've been told, "Do your devotion Kaytlynn", "Read the bible Kaytlynn", "You need to pray Kaytlynn", and if you've grown up in church I'm sure you have heard the same thing. They always use the same arguments: You need to know God's word or how can you live by it?; It will strengthen you relationship with Him; It will give wisdom and help with your issues in life. Now, all of those are true, and good reasons to do your devos, read the bible, and pray, but over the past year or so I learned that spending time with God is not something that just kind of comes along with being a Christian.

I spend time with God for several reasons. One, is I love it. I look forward to each morning knowing I am going to spend time with the one who created that very day. It's like seeing your best friend. Even though you just saw them yesterday, and talked to them the night before, you can't wait to see them again. Not only do I get to talk to the maker of the universe, He talks to me too! (Prayer is a two way convo)

Another reason is that it helps me out. This morning I slept through my alarm (I'm not sure how I did it), but I slept for an extra hour! So I woke up, and was supposed to leave in 15mins! That barely left me enough time to get dressed and ready for school. As I was rushing around this morning I was thinking, man I'm not going to get to do my devo this morning. It was the second thing I thought of (the first was, what, it can't be 6:45!).

Now, I'll do my devotion later on tonight, but it's just not the same for me. I love getting up every morning and entering into the throne room of Christ, knowing the day ahead is filled with test, teachers, and boat loads of drama.

I encourage you to spend time with God everyday. It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It's defiantly worth the time in your day.


If I just....

If I just had a new car, I’d be happy; If I just lost a few more pounds, I’d be happy; If I just didn’t have to do so much work, I’d be happy. Any of those phrases sound familiar? So often, we always want more. To loose MORE weight; to make MORE money; to have MORE friends. Why do we always want more? We’re not content.

We live in a world, were it’s so easy not to be content, it’s almost hard to be content. You go home at night and turn on the T.V., what do you see? “You need this Ipod”; “You need this type of makeup”. So, you turn off the T.V., and go upstairs to the computer. What you do find then? Your favorite website bombarded with ads saying the same thing. “You need this” I searched Google for “I need”. I got 123,000,000 results! It said I needed everything from professional liability insurance to computers.

It’s obvious there is a problem, but how do we solve it? We can’t just pass the blame on the fact that we live in a society where we are taught that we always need more. So, let’s starts by taking a look at exactly what contentment is. Webster defines contentment as the state of feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation. That means being satisfied with what you have, where you are in life, and how you look. Paul takes about being content. In Philippians 4:11-12 he says, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

I had always thought about contentment in terms of possessions and the stuff you had, but it goes much further than that. One area I sometimes deal with is being content on how I look. Many of you may know I once really struggled with self-esteem and self-image. I’ve gotten so much better about it, but there are still those days when I struggle. I’m not always content about how I look. (Which I complete foolishness). After all, the King of Kings created me. The same one who paints Hawaiian sunsets, made me. By not being content with my body is an insult to God. I’m saying what He made is ugly, and doesn’t measure up. When thoughts like this flood my mind, I simply quote Psalm 49:11 “The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor Him for He is your Lord”. Another good verse is Psalm 139:14 “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

What is it that you struggle being content with? Mine is my body, what’s yours? Is it the number or quality of your possessions? Your social status? The number of friends you have? Or maybe is it your place in life that God had called you? Whatever it is, I encourage you to talk to God about it. Enter into the throne room of the King and ask Him to help you be content. I know without the Lord’s help, I never would have been able to get over the whole image thing.


Do you have the guts?

I've been reading this book called "Tattooed Rats" by Jerry B. Jenkins. It's set in 2012 in America, and Christianity has just be outlawed. It's about this kid named Patch, as he struggles to survive, being an outlaw in his own land. This book really hit home. 2012 will be the year my brother graduates, I'll be a freshmen in College. It's really making me think. Would people turn me in? Am I living the kind of lifestyle that people would be giving the gov. my name saying "She's a Christian". So often, I think it's easy to get up, do our devo, then just get on with our day, acting like normal human beings. But the thing is, were not called to be normal human beings. Were sons' and daughters' of Christ, and we need to live for Him. Christianity in America today has become a water down religion that you just need. It has no real purpose, it's just there, oh and it maybe gets you out of Hell or something like that. In reality, that's not what Christianity is at all. It's about serving the King of Kings, and telling others about Him too. Christ died for me, and I'm willing to die for Him. And if it's worth dieing for, it's worth living for. Would you give it all up for Him?


One of those Convos

Do you ever have talks with God? You know, the kind where you guys just talk, like best friends. A two way conversation? Well, I had a really good one of those the other day. I got convicted (don't you just hate that when that happens). I absolutely love missions, and I felt God telling me that that's not my place not right now. Right now, I feel as if I'm called to witness and minister to teens and younger girls. Sometimes I get kinda discouraged because most of my close friends already know what they want to do in life. I however, have no earthly idea. I don't know where God has called me in the future. So, for now, I'm happily waiting and praying for my future, and looking and waiting to see where God will use me!


How I got to Heaven

"NO DADDY NO!" I yelled as tears rolled down my checks. "NO DADDY NO, PLEASE NO!", but it useless. He couldn't hear me, for I was surrounded by thousands of people in the Colosseum cheering for the death of my father. The doors opened, lions rushed out, and I watched in horror as my father died that day.
A few days later, they came for me too. They told me I would receive the same treatment as my father, BUT if I rejected Christ, I could go free. How could I do that? He was my reason for living, He was my EVERYTHING! No, I just couldn't.
The paraded my around the Colosseum like I was a trophy to be shown off. I have never been so terrified in my life as the people cheered for my death. The guards left the arena, leaving me alone, except I wasn't alone. Jesus was standing there right beside me. As the gates opened, and the same lions that devoured my father rushed towards me, I felt an overwhelming peace come upon me. I went home that day, not only to my daddy, but my Heavenly Father as well.

What's your story?