You get up at what time?!?!?

All my life I've been told, "Do your devotion Kaytlynn", "Read the bible Kaytlynn", "You need to pray Kaytlynn", and if you've grown up in church I'm sure you have heard the same thing. They always use the same arguments: You need to know God's word or how can you live by it?; It will strengthen you relationship with Him; It will give wisdom and help with your issues in life. Now, all of those are true, and good reasons to do your devos, read the bible, and pray, but over the past year or so I learned that spending time with God is not something that just kind of comes along with being a Christian.

I spend time with God for several reasons. One, is I love it. I look forward to each morning knowing I am going to spend time with the one who created that very day. It's like seeing your best friend. Even though you just saw them yesterday, and talked to them the night before, you can't wait to see them again. Not only do I get to talk to the maker of the universe, He talks to me too! (Prayer is a two way convo)

Another reason is that it helps me out. This morning I slept through my alarm (I'm not sure how I did it), but I slept for an extra hour! So I woke up, and was supposed to leave in 15mins! That barely left me enough time to get dressed and ready for school. As I was rushing around this morning I was thinking, man I'm not going to get to do my devo this morning. It was the second thing I thought of (the first was, what, it can't be 6:45!).

Now, I'll do my devotion later on tonight, but it's just not the same for me. I love getting up every morning and entering into the throne room of Christ, knowing the day ahead is filled with test, teachers, and boat loads of drama.

I encourage you to spend time with God everyday. It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. It's defiantly worth the time in your day.

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HIS Princess said...

Hey girl!
Great post...this is such a good challenge for all of us!