Halfway up the mountain

As I sit here in 2nd hour my mind is racing. How silly was I last night? Even though I knew today would be ok, it is still hard. Everything I’ve been working for hasn’t been cut down, it has just been challenged. Last night all I saw was a huge mountain before me. I knew that everything would be okay, but all my emotions saw was this huge mountain.
Last night I knew in my mind and in my heart that no matter what my hair looked like, God would still love me, and so would my friends, but my flesh didn’t seem to quite agree. There was a part of me that was completely scared. Now I’m halfway up the mountain. The top is coming into view. I get a glimpse of the promise that the valley is ahead and things will get easier.

I wonder how many times we think like that when faced with a challenge. All we see is the big mountain. We wonder how (or if) we will ever make it. I think that we totally forget that we are just looking at a small part of the picture. When all we see is a mountain, God sees the valley ahead, as well as the next mountain. All we have to do is trust Him. Trust that He will lead us over the mountain.

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