How I got to Heaven

"NO DADDY NO!" I yelled as tears rolled down my checks. "NO DADDY NO, PLEASE NO!", but it useless. He couldn't hear me, for I was surrounded by thousands of people in the Colosseum cheering for the death of my father. The doors opened, lions rushed out, and I watched in horror as my father died that day.
A few days later, they came for me too. They told me I would receive the same treatment as my father, BUT if I rejected Christ, I could go free. How could I do that? He was my reason for living, He was my EVERYTHING! No, I just couldn't.
The paraded my around the Colosseum like I was a trophy to be shown off. I have never been so terrified in my life as the people cheered for my death. The guards left the arena, leaving me alone, except I wasn't alone. Jesus was standing there right beside me. As the gates opened, and the same lions that devoured my father rushed towards me, I felt an overwhelming peace come upon me. I went home that day, not only to my daddy, but my Heavenly Father as well.

What's your story?

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