There is a song called "Enough" and part of it goes "All of you is more than enough for all of me". I've sang it a hundred times in church, but I have never really thought about the words. Saying All of you (God), is more than enough for all of me, means He could take ANYTHING, and He would still be enough. I could lose everything, yet I would still have Him, and that would be enough. That is a very powerful line. Today, two of my friends lost their dads. This really makes me think, what if I lost a parent? Best friend? House? Everything? would God still be enough for me? Would I be ok with that? I think back to Job. He lost pretty much everything, his family, valuables, and health, yet God was still enough for Him. He didn't give up, He didn't turn away, but instead He let God be enough. I once heard a guy say "I want the kind of faith that if Christianity was ever proved wrong (which it never will be he added, but lets just say it all turned out to be a lie), that He would lose everything. He wants everything to be at stake for Christ. That is the kind of faith I strive to have, one where God is all I need, and He is enough.

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