The feeling is coming again. Part of me wants to push it down and forget about it, but how could I do a thing like that? Sometimes I just want to forget about it, throw it away, but it is burning so hot inside of me, I could never do it. Although it would be easier to just forget about it and put it away and go on living my merry life, I can't and won't do that! The feeling you ask? my sorrow for the lost souls. My heart if truly broken. Every day I see hundreds of people who if they were to die, wouldn't go to heaven! I see girls give away their hearts and bodies to be "loved" by a guy.
Yes, it would be easier to just ignore all of this and move on with my life. I don't need the extra drama anyways. That was the thinking of the "me" side of my mind. But there, there's the other side, the side attached to my heart. That heart yearns to tell my peers about the love of Christ and how he can set them free. There have been countless times where I have cried over the lost souls of people I know. Two instances stick out in my mind. The first one was in school about a year ago. I was minding my own business, standing towards the top of the hallway and could see most of the kids, when BOOM it hit me. The faces I saw were not just faces, they were souls. And the part that almost brought me to tears-most of the souls were not heaven bound. The 2nd instance was last Aug. I was at a youth retreat when God really laid one couldn't get her off my mind. I didn't know if she was going to heaven or not.
God has truly been softening my heart this past year and really opening my eyes to how big the harvest and how few the workers are. Are you willing to be a worker? Take a look around you, you are around people everyday who don't know the Lord. It's anyone from the old lady at the grocery store to you bff. Take every moment you can to share the Gospel with others, you never know when their time is up.

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