Love for Strangers

It was a feeling like no other, one that I've never really felt before. It happened at the market on Friday in Mexico looking at all of the people. My heart breaks for them and my mind can't help but wonder if they know Christ? Questions flooded my mind as I pushed away any signs that I wanted to cry. I was surrounded by people who were lost, and many of them if they were to die today, wouldn't go to heaven, but spend forever in Hell. As I walked through the narrow streets of Market 28 I wondered how many of them have ever heard the gospel or knew of Christ love? Going to the market it something I will never forget. My heart was filled with love for them even though that was the first time my eyes had laid sight on them. It was a love and burden that could only come from God. Maybe, just maybe that experience is a seed being planted for something that is yet to come.

Dear God,
I come before you in awe of you. You are great and mighty and I know you can do amazing things. Lord, you have shown me your everlasting love, and I thank you for it, but God I pray right now for the Latins, especially the ones in Market 28. God, I pray that you will send someone to show them your mighty love. I know your love can completely change a person, and I pray you will transform the hearts of the people in Market 28. Thank you for your love God. Amen.

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Narnia said...

Hey, Kaytlynn.
Thanks for the link to this blog... I'm really liking it so far. All of these things you are saying makes sense and is almost what goes on in my mind, and the Boyd girl seems to have a very repentant heart that I believe I need as well. Thanks! Remember, God has an awesome and mighty plan for your life! I soo cannot wait until camp... =] Miss you!