Worship, Webster defines it as "a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual", but I think it's so much for than that. It's not just a ritual of singing songs and maybe lifting up a hand or two, it's your heart crying out praises to your Heavenly Father. It's not about the actions, it's about the heart. You can sing songs and raise your hands and in reality not be worshiping at all, but merely having the appearance that you are doing so. On the other hand, you can not utter a word, yet your heart can still be screaming words of worship.
How many times have you walked out of church and said, "Worship wasn't that great today"? I know I've been guilty of that before, but my reasons behind that were pretty lousy. Some of the things were:
-they didn't play they right songs
-the band didn't do that great
-the choir didn't harmonize very well
-they didn't have the words on the screen, so I lost interest

Pretty lame excuses huh? You see, I was so focused on the physical things, and all of the faults instead of God. Some of the times I have felt like I was worshiping God the most is not when I'm in a big youth room, with cool lights, a sound system and a really good lead singer, but in my shower. Me with the C.D. player singing at the top of my lungs to God. Just praising him and loving him. My question to you is when you worship, what do you think about, the seen or unseen?

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