How Much?

Helen braced herself as she was about ready to go into the court room. She knew what lie ahead wasn't going to be easy, but she was ready to face it. With a deep breath she stepped into the room filled with cameras, reporters, and a crowd of people, all cheering for her defeat. This was the price Helen had to pay for following Christ.*

Cassie woke up and got dressed, just like any other morning. She entered into Columbine High School and went through out the day as usual. During lunch shift A, she headed to the Library and opened up her bible. This was her time to spend with her Heavenly Father, a nice break from the stresses of going to public school. What she didn't know was that she would soon see the one she was reading about. A few moments later two of her fellow classmates walked in with guns. She was ask one question, "Do you believe in the Big Bossman?" This was her moment of truth, would she follow God, or deny Him? Her answer came in two words "YES BOY!" The trigger was pulled, and that was the price she paid to follow Christ.

Meimei** stood behind the closed doors with her father by her side. This was the day she had been waiting for. She was finally getting married. As the doors opened she saw her handsome groom standing at the end of the aisle. Only a few yards separated them from a life of happiness. As her and her father began to walk closer to her fairy tale, they were interrupted. The cops stormed in and grabbed her. Someone had told, they knew she was a Christian. They dragged her off to the torture chamber they called prison. This was the price she paid to follow Christ.

These are just a few example of the price some people paid to follow Christ. What will you be willing to pay?

*This story is based off of a fiction story set during the tribulation, all other accounts are true.
**Name has been changed to protect witness


True Love

It was a normal Sunday night. All of the board members of the church were gathered for a meeting. Everything thing was fine, that was till the "workers" arrived with their guns. The church was now being held up at gun point for all of the money they had raised that morning in service. This is the set up for the movie "First Sunday". After hours of integration and intimidation, the church convinces the men to let them get a bit to eat in the kitchen. As the body is enjoying their dinner, Sister Doris McPherson does thing stunning and unexpected. She walks up to LeeJohn (one of the guys who is holding them hostage) offers him some food and starts talking to him. After a while she finds out he's never had a birthday party before. Instead of mocking him for this she throws her possible killer a mini party right then and there. When I saw this I utterly amazed. This lady, even while being held hostage was showing Christ's love. If only this love was more present in our world today. Whom can you show Christ love to?


Love Luv <3

Love. To some it reminds them of their favorite pizza, others their bff and some it brings to mind long walks on the beach with their boyfriend. Webster defines love as attraction based on sexual desire, admiration, benevolence, or common interests. These are several definitions of love from many different people, but what truly is love? 1 John 4:16 answers this question for us. God is Love!
I was talking about this at Worldview Academy, and it struck me. I have a personal relationship with love. I get to talk to "love" everyday. After I got over the fact of how neat that was, I began to think. If I'm spending time with "love" everyday and have a relationship with "love" than why am I not more like love?
As I reflect on my life there are so many times where I choose hate or meanness over love. You know the people I'm talking about, the driver that cuts you off when you're running late, the old lady that is paying in all change in front of you, or maybe it's a buddy who is spreading lies about you. Usually we choose to hate this person verses showing them Christ love. When I was in 7th grade there was a kid, will just call him J for now. We did not get along at all. Everyday when I got to class he would try to find some new name to call me. It ranged from everything from to faith to my body. I wasn't mean to him, but I wasn't exactly nice either. Well I was talking to a friend about this and she told me I need to love him like Christ loves him. I thought she was crazy, but I tried it anyways. In less than two weeks he completely stopped teasing and harassing me. I was so shocked that because of ME loving HIM the problem stopped. I wish I would have chosen to love him sooner. I know I need to love more, what does your love life look like?


Merry Christmas

Ever since I can remember I have been fantasied with the Christmas story, and I think I know a reason why. When you think of changing the world, what type of people come to mind? Political leaders, millionaires, and Celebrates are what came to my mind, at least at first. In the Christmas story, God used a teenager to bring forth His son who changed the world. God used a small baby born in a stable from a poor mother to radically change the world forever. How amazing is that? You know what's even more amazing, is He also wants to use us! Take this blog for example. It started almost 7 months ago from someone who had never written much before. So I told no one about it for two or three months. Now, God is using it to impact other peoples' lives all over the states, and even in other countries. God wants to use you for His kingdom. The catch? Just like Mary, we have to be willing to be used. Are you willing?


My Prince Charming, don't know who he is but...

This weekend my mom and I head off for the lake again. We are going with my parents newly-wed Sunday school class. I'm stoked about it, the water, tubing, hide and seek, star-trippin, all of it, but what's more neat than they "stuff" we do, is the people. These are people who have been together for over twenty years. Unfortunately that doesn't happen much in the world today. It makes me want a marriage like that, one that is true and last. I know that if I want a marriage like that, than I have to start preparing for it now. So a while back a wrote a little reminder on my mirror. It goes something like this:
I'm waiting and praying
for my husband
where ever he may be
whom ever he may be with
whatever life throws at him
I'm praying
That he can hold strong
and lean on God
Can't wait to meet him!
I love you already honey.

I know it's kinda goofy, but it's a daily reminder to pray and prepare for my husband. Even though I have no clue who he is, what he looks like, or how old he is, I'm preparing myself now for my knight in shinning armor.



This weekend my family and me went to the lake. Not only was it nice to spend the weekend with my family, but it was nice to get away from all of the noise. Saturday morning I went out on the dock to do my devotion. It was amazing. The only noises were the birds proclaiming the truth of their Marker.

We live in a world where there is constantly noise. It seems like we can never get away from it, and for the few moments we sometimes do, it freaks us out. For example, ever been home alone and can't stand the silence and have to go turn on the T.V.? or, when driving do you HAVE to keep music playing from going insane? Now I'm not saying noise is bad, but sometimes it's nice to get away. Take some time today and go someplace quiet and worship the Creator.


Not again.....

I opened my email and check my inbox. Scanning though, a word caught my eye, Funeral. Not again I thought, not another one. I clicked open the email and my fear became true. A kid in our youth group took his life. I "Click" again. The next email awaiting me in my inbox is about the devastation of the cyclone and the lives it took. I quickly skimmed over the details and "clicked" over to the next one, which wasn't much better.

Our world is filled with death. Don't believe me? Take a look around. On the yahoo home page 3 of the 4 top stories have to do with death and disaster. Take a little drive and you won't have to go far till you pass a cemetery. 1.78 people are dieing every second. For me, this is a wake up call. It's not just the fact people our dieing, but it's the destination of their souls. I think of all of the people I know, and most of them if they were to die today would not go to Heaven. Some many times I just go though my day. Rushing here or trying to quickly finish this, or speedily type an email. I don't take near enough time to stop and think of all those around me who are going to Hell. So my challenge today for you and me is to take that extra moment and show Christ love to someone. For you may be the only Christ they will ever see.


I'm an American, shouldn't that count for something?

Last night I flew from my hometown to Nashville, Tennessee. I've taken this flight hundreds of times in my life before. It's a quick 1:25 min flight and usually leaves out of gate 34. This time however it was a little different. Actually it wasn't the flight number or route that was different, it was me. Usually on the flight I sit and listen to my Ipod or read, but not this time. After spending a week at Worldview Academy I was convicted of not giving the gospel enough, so I set out to change that. Waiting to get on the plane, I started talking to this guy (actually it was more of him talking to me, but you get the point). I tried to share the gospel, but didn't quite get to it. I told him about Worldview and some things like that, but just didn't make it all of the way there. So I took a deep breathe and boarded the plane, determined to do better the next time. I found a seat by a little girl who was flying by herself. We started talking about Worldview Academy and she asked what the lectures were about. I then had a perfect chance to share the Gospel with her, and I did. Although I was proud of myself that I overcame my nerves, I was sad at the same time. This ten year old thought she was going to Heaven because she was Irish. To me this seemed crazy, but to her it was real. So even though I might have given myself a pat on the back because I told someone about Christ, my heart is still broken. It breaks for the people in this world and the destination of their souls. A constant reminder of the importance to share the truth of the Good News.


Sirens, Wind, and Worship...?

This past week I was at Worldview Academy, and had an amazing time. I learned more this week than a whole semester at school. But learning doesn't do a whole lot of good if you don't apply it. That's why Thursday night sticks out so much. We had finished the campfire and had headed to our rooms for T-time. Our small group was talking about what we had learned. A lot of what we had learned involved being a leader. We were all talking enjoying our last T-time when suddenly we hear an ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. If your from the mid-west, you know what that means, but for those of you who don't, it's a tornado siren. Immediately our small group leader and the female director hit panic mode. A tornado was coming!! Well, we grabbed our cameras and headed towards the basement. Some kids were crying and scared because this was the 1st tornado they had ever been in, then some kids were fine with it, we've done this a hundred times at home. They counted us up and we all lined the halls. As we were sitting there, all 200 of us, we started singing. We sang everything from Jesus loves me to Amazing Grace to Awesome God. It was such a cool experience. Tornadoes usually produce fear and worry, not worship. We were sitting not know what would happen. For all we know, we could be in Heaven in a few minutes, yet we still cried "Our God is an Awesome God", and "Blessed be your name". It was amazing to see these kids being leaders. Some helped director traffic, others started worship, and some even read scripture. We knew we could be leaders, and we proved it Thursday night during the tornado.