Love Luv <3

Love. To some it reminds them of their favorite pizza, others their bff and some it brings to mind long walks on the beach with their boyfriend. Webster defines love as attraction based on sexual desire, admiration, benevolence, or common interests. These are several definitions of love from many different people, but what truly is love? 1 John 4:16 answers this question for us. God is Love!
I was talking about this at Worldview Academy, and it struck me. I have a personal relationship with love. I get to talk to "love" everyday. After I got over the fact of how neat that was, I began to think. If I'm spending time with "love" everyday and have a relationship with "love" than why am I not more like love?
As I reflect on my life there are so many times where I choose hate or meanness over love. You know the people I'm talking about, the driver that cuts you off when you're running late, the old lady that is paying in all change in front of you, or maybe it's a buddy who is spreading lies about you. Usually we choose to hate this person verses showing them Christ love. When I was in 7th grade there was a kid, will just call him J for now. We did not get along at all. Everyday when I got to class he would try to find some new name to call me. It ranged from everything from to faith to my body. I wasn't mean to him, but I wasn't exactly nice either. Well I was talking to a friend about this and she told me I need to love him like Christ loves him. I thought she was crazy, but I tried it anyways. In less than two weeks he completely stopped teasing and harassing me. I was so shocked that because of ME loving HIM the problem stopped. I wish I would have chosen to love him sooner. I know I need to love more, what does your love life look like?

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