Merry Christmas

Ever since I can remember I have been fantasied with the Christmas story, and I think I know a reason why. When you think of changing the world, what type of people come to mind? Political leaders, millionaires, and Celebrates are what came to my mind, at least at first. In the Christmas story, God used a teenager to bring forth His son who changed the world. God used a small baby born in a stable from a poor mother to radically change the world forever. How amazing is that? You know what's even more amazing, is He also wants to use us! Take this blog for example. It started almost 7 months ago from someone who had never written much before. So I told no one about it for two or three months. Now, God is using it to impact other peoples' lives all over the states, and even in other countries. God wants to use you for His kingdom. The catch? Just like Mary, we have to be willing to be used. Are you willing?

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