Not again.....

I opened my email and check my inbox. Scanning though, a word caught my eye, Funeral. Not again I thought, not another one. I clicked open the email and my fear became true. A kid in our youth group took his life. I "Click" again. The next email awaiting me in my inbox is about the devastation of the cyclone and the lives it took. I quickly skimmed over the details and "clicked" over to the next one, which wasn't much better.

Our world is filled with death. Don't believe me? Take a look around. On the yahoo home page 3 of the 4 top stories have to do with death and disaster. Take a little drive and you won't have to go far till you pass a cemetery. 1.78 people are dieing every second. For me, this is a wake up call. It's not just the fact people our dieing, but it's the destination of their souls. I think of all of the people I know, and most of them if they were to die today would not go to Heaven. Some many times I just go though my day. Rushing here or trying to quickly finish this, or speedily type an email. I don't take near enough time to stop and think of all those around me who are going to Hell. So my challenge today for you and me is to take that extra moment and show Christ love to someone. For you may be the only Christ they will ever see.


Anonymous said...

So true. And such a constant thing to think about. Love ya sister-in-

Nancy said...

Nothing is more tragic than one who takes his own life. It is a sign they lost hope. I pray the Lord will reach those amidst this situation to bring them to Him,

Thanks for sharing,