True Love

It was a normal Sunday night. All of the board members of the church were gathered for a meeting. Everything thing was fine, that was till the "workers" arrived with their guns. The church was now being held up at gun point for all of the money they had raised that morning in service. This is the set up for the movie "First Sunday". After hours of integration and intimidation, the church convinces the men to let them get a bit to eat in the kitchen. As the body is enjoying their dinner, Sister Doris McPherson does thing stunning and unexpected. She walks up to LeeJohn (one of the guys who is holding them hostage) offers him some food and starts talking to him. After a while she finds out he's never had a birthday party before. Instead of mocking him for this she throws her possible killer a mini party right then and there. When I saw this I utterly amazed. This lady, even while being held hostage was showing Christ's love. If only this love was more present in our world today. Whom can you show Christ love to?

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