I'm an American, shouldn't that count for something?

Last night I flew from my hometown to Nashville, Tennessee. I've taken this flight hundreds of times in my life before. It's a quick 1:25 min flight and usually leaves out of gate 34. This time however it was a little different. Actually it wasn't the flight number or route that was different, it was me. Usually on the flight I sit and listen to my Ipod or read, but not this time. After spending a week at Worldview Academy I was convicted of not giving the gospel enough, so I set out to change that. Waiting to get on the plane, I started talking to this guy (actually it was more of him talking to me, but you get the point). I tried to share the gospel, but didn't quite get to it. I told him about Worldview and some things like that, but just didn't make it all of the way there. So I took a deep breathe and boarded the plane, determined to do better the next time. I found a seat by a little girl who was flying by herself. We started talking about Worldview Academy and she asked what the lectures were about. I then had a perfect chance to share the Gospel with her, and I did. Although I was proud of myself that I overcame my nerves, I was sad at the same time. This ten year old thought she was going to Heaven because she was Irish. To me this seemed crazy, but to her it was real. So even though I might have given myself a pat on the back because I told someone about Christ, my heart is still broken. It breaks for the people in this world and the destination of their souls. A constant reminder of the importance to share the truth of the Good News.

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Nancy said...

It is indeed shocking what people believe. She has, however, now heard the Gospel. You planted a seed and perhaps someone else will come along and water it. I pray we see her in heaven on day.

In Him,