A Perfect Example

When I think of people in my life who “Do Hard Things”, the first person that comes to my mind is my grandpa My grandpa, even though he is going on 70, is constantly doing and coordinating mission activates.
Several years ago my grandpa retired from being an electoral worker. Instead of relaxing after years of being a dad, husband, and having a full time job, he accepted a job with Missouri Baptist Builders as Missouri Coordinator. He, along with my grandma goes out of time almost every week working on a church. If he’s not out of town, then he’s in town working on a church here. My grandpa has sacrificed so much. Once you retire, at least according to the world, you’re supposed to sit back and relax. However, my grandpa has chosen not just to sit back, he’s a man on a mission. He knows that there are still people who don’t know the love of our Lord, and he wants to change that. So, I just want to say thanks Grandpa, for everything. Not only have you taken me with you on countless trips, introduced me to missions, been a godly role model, but you have also been an example to “Do Hard Things”. I love you!

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