Do you have the guts?

I've been reading this book called "Tattooed Rats" by Jerry B. Jenkins. It's set in 2012 in America, and Christianity has just be outlawed. It's about this kid named Patch, as he struggles to survive, being an outlaw in his own land. This book really hit home. 2012 will be the year my brother graduates, I'll be a freshmen in College. It's really making me think. Would people turn me in? Am I living the kind of lifestyle that people would be giving the gov. my name saying "She's a Christian". So often, I think it's easy to get up, do our devo, then just get on with our day, acting like normal human beings. But the thing is, were not called to be normal human beings. Were sons' and daughters' of Christ, and we need to live for Him. Christianity in America today has become a water down religion that you just need. It has no real purpose, it's just there, oh and it maybe gets you out of Hell or something like that. In reality, that's not what Christianity is at all. It's about serving the King of Kings, and telling others about Him too. Christ died for me, and I'm willing to die for Him. And if it's worth dieing for, it's worth living for. Would you give it all up for Him?


Ghast_Rimsen said...

Hey, just letting you know I stopped by. This is really cool, I didn't realize you had this. Right now I'm trying to get my music ready for Praise Band tonight...So I don't have a chance to read the other posts right now. This post, though, is such a challenge. And let me tell you, in some aspects this really hits home to me. Going through the devotion I'm doing it talks about this, and I've heard it a lot recently. And here it is again, just staring me in the face. Am I a watered-down Christian? Is that simply a title, or my lifestyle? If Christianity was threatened, would they have any reason to kill me? I know they would...but just thinking about it, its cause for a lot of pondering late at night. :) Anyway, I gotta get going. Good post! Keep it up.

HIS Princess said...

HEy girl!
Great thoughts...I really enjoy your writing!