Hello? Does anyone care???

Sometimes it just takes a few words to hope to help clear the fog. This year at school, the Club 121 and FCA didn't do so well. Actually, they have never done well. Whenever the subject of God comes up, it seems as if most could care less. It's like there is a void at school. The attitude is whatever works for you, just don't bring me into it. But beneath the crust of a hardened heart is one that is searching and wanting more. They are not satisfied. They want something more than they have. They want something more, they know there is something bigger out there, and they want it. Although right now it seems that we are not making any progress, and people just don't care, God is still working in their hearts. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. Bigger things are yet to come, big things are still yet to happen in this city. God's work is not finished here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaytlynn, My name is Danielle and I am a friend of your mom. Your words are so inspiritational!! I admire your courage and strenght in the Lord! You are right, you are in a war zone at school. I will pray that the kids you minister to will have an open heart and hear what your are saying and know that you care. Good luck with your mission. i will stop by your blog and get inspried! Love, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Dear Kaytlynn,
I enjoyed reading your blog. You are truly a mirror of Christ to those with whom you attend school --- a missionary to the masses. Yes, they are all searching for something to fill that God-sized hole He placed within each of us. Keep up the great work of reflecting Him through your love and words. People are watching you --- and I know they see something different in Kaytlynn Clemons. May God grant you opportunities to tell them that HE is the difference. Check out Ephesians 6:19-20, verses I will pray over you.
You make our Father proud. Me, too.
Annette Bartle

Nancy said...

Kaytlynn. Welcome to the blog world! I greatly admire you and what you are doing in school. You ARE making an impact even though you may not see it right now. Continue to pray for your friends and never cease being the light. The darker their world gets, the brighter your light will shine.

You'll be amazed what your witness will do.
Much love in Christ,