Vision before Provision

As humans, we want security. Knowing what we are going to get and how we are going to get it. However, God does not work like that. Instead of providing us with a thousand dollars then a vision to go to Africa, He provides for us a vision, THEN the provisions. For me, that is something that I am learning. Just like Nehemiah, David Wilkerson, Jim Elliot and so many more, God has proived the vision first. Nehemiah, a slave of the king of Persa in 446bc. He had a vision, to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. After many months of praying, he petationed the king and the king provided for his vision. Just like Nehemiah asked the King of Persia, we can call upon the King of Kings, our Father, and Savior. My Daddy King has provided me with a vision-To go to El Salvador and Worldview this summer. However, the provisions I do not have. Although El Salvador is not a for sure thing, I know that God will provided the provisions for me if He wants me to go. Our God is just amazing like that. He provieds the vision, then in ways we sometimes least expect it, He provides the means to fulfil the vision. Thank you Daddy King!

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Anonymous said...

No idea how I came across this blog, but it is definitely what I needed to hear. Thanks!