Low cut standards

I was listening to a podcast a few minutes ago, and it got me thinking.
We live in a world with pretty low standards, especially when it comes to relationships. It's not uncommon to find a middle schooler who has had at least ten different boyfriends, a teenage girl who is pregnant, or a young women who has been married several times. However, this isn't just common among non-Christians anymore, it's pretty common among believers too. But what if we, as Christians raised the standards again.
What if, instead of dating a ton of guys in high school for "fun" or "just because", we waited and prepared ourselves for "the one" we want to spend the rest of our lives with. What if, instead of flirting with all of the guys at church, we prayed for them and challenged them in our walk with God. Ladies, it's up to us if there will ever be a change. So let's raise our standards....and our neck lines.

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