Oh Where art thou my beloved?

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved the Disney Princess movies, them falling hopeless in and love, and then living happily ever after. The very thought of that makes me smile from ear to ear. (Did I mention I’m a hopeless romantic?).

Over the past few months I’ve had several friends who have started dating, and over the past few weeks I’ve been wondering if maybe I should start to date too? After all, it’s considered weird not to date in high school now. All of my friends are doing it, and it’s a lot fun. The long walks, holding hands, and having someone to call your own sounds so exuberant. But there is more to dating then that. You’re setting yourself up for your heart to be broken. Most relationships fail, since you may date ten guys, but you only marry one. You are also putting yourself into a place where temptation increases immensely. If he’s a total hottie, he “loves” you, and he wants to kiss, it’s going to pretty hard to say no. Finally, you are also giving a little part of yourself away. When you give yourself away, that’s a little less your future spouse will have. When you date someone you give a part of your heart away to that person, and that’s something you can never get back.

So often I get caught up in the romantic side of it all I don’t take the time to step back and look at what else goes on. The past few weeks I’ve been bounced back and forth on the matter, freaked a few friends out, and have been lost in total uncertainty, but I’ve come to a conclusion. Right now, I’m not at a place in my life where I need to be dating. I’m only 15 (almost 16), and I still have plenty of time. So until it becomes my time to be a girlfriend I’ll keep praying and waiting for my knight in shining armor.


Nicole said...

I respect your decision. I did not make such a wise decision as you did when I was younger. And yes, you are right, you do give a little piece of your heart to everyone you choose to date. I will pray for strength in your decision. Satan may try to tempt you and make you doubt your decision but stand strong my friend!

I will tell you that my husband and I started dating in High School. He was a sophmore and I was a senior. I know that this is very rare...for High School relationships to end in marriage but it does happen. God has a specific plan for your life and I pray for discernment for you.

If you ever want to talk about relationships or have any questions I would be more than happy to tell you more of my experience. I am not an expert in this area by any means but I do know that it is verrry important to make wise decisions in a dating relationship. It is very difficult to tell your husband some day what you have "done" with other guys...be it kissing or anything else. I encourage you to gaurd your heart above else for it is the wellspring of life. I don't remember where this verse is at but it came to mind.


Anonymous said...

I am really loved what you wrote. I think that you are going to love the decision that you make in the long run. I am always here for you, always and forever.