I'm From

This is a poem I did for my English Class.

I'm from a family where friends live far and wide
From within the great walls of China
To the small orphanage in Haiti

I come from a people who do not have a permanent house
And so, learn to constantly readjust
Adjusting to the food, random marriage proposals, and driving too
Oh, and the least favorite of all, learning a language that is new

I'm from the way of life where a voice replaces a face
And a hand written note is kept for months
Just to remind you of the smells of home

I'm from the place where the simple pleasures
Are treated as great treasures
A case of coke becomes like silver
And a cup of fresh steaming Starbucks has more value than gold

I'm from days where nothing goes right
and you don't know how God could have ever use the talk you gave
the witness you were, or the play you preformed to draw someone to Him
to seeing pictures of the hundreds who came forward after experiencing
a taste of His great love, and the good news they could be free from sin, no longer a slave

I'm from the mission field
Where my heart will forever be
Through tornadoes, earthquakes, and in the midst of wars
We serve with a smile and a heart over flowing with love
To harvest the crop, and do the work of our Father Above

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