The war in my own land

It’s true, it’s real, and I’m scared out of my mind. I hear and read stories of martyrs all of the time, but I never thought I would have to worry about a friend in the states being killed. You see, I have a friend who was involved in a gang, but now he has accepted Christ. He left the gang, and started truly living for Christ, and sharing Christ with his friends. Well, this didn’t fly to well, and now the members of the gang are out to get him. This morning he was riding his bike to school when they hit him in their car, intentionally. They drove off leaving him there, but not before warning there is more still to come.
For the past couple years I’ve been reading about the Underground and Persecuted Church, and how so many risk their lives for the Gospel. These people are my brothers and sisters in Christ, but they live in other countries. Well now, my brother in Christ is in trouble, but it’s not in a foreign land. It’s in my own back yard. I admire Alex* for the risk he is taking, but I’m asking you to please join me in prayer for his safety and the souls of his friends.

*Name has been changed for protection


Nicole said...

Wow! That is really crazy. I can feel your emotion about this. I can't image what you must be feeling. I am praying....

Dear Father in Heaven please be with Alex right now and help him to keep standing strong for his faith. Thank you Lord for his boldness. I pray that other Christians stand beside him and encourage him. May Alex and others stand together for your name sake. May you be praised. Lord Jesus please be with Alex and any hurt that he feels right now. Please Lord Jesus just protect his heart from the evil one's lies to try to tempt him to renounce your name. We love you Lord and we thank you for son that died so that we can live, even if that means we physically die for You.


Nancy said...

I will indeed pray for this young man. May the Lord lead, guide, and protect him as He walks near to God.