To live or not to live, that isn't the question

We read about Christians heroically giving up their lives for Christ and receiving the crown of martyrdom. They deiced God was worth more than their life, so they gave it up. You may have already deiced if the time came and you had to choose between you life or God, have to pick between life or God, but there is another choice we have to make. The choice is, Will you give up your way of life for Christ? I'm not trying to take away from what the martyrs have done in any way. Many of them are great heroes, but like I said earlier, most of the people in America won't have to make that choice. Giving up your way of life is something you have to do daily, and you will give up a lot. You will have to give up your wills; desires; certain sins in your life, which you might enjoy keeping around; friends; a new job; or maybe what seems to be a chance of a lifetime. Please don't look over the past few lines and completely throw away the idea of giving up your way of life for Christ. Yes, you will loose some things, but you will gain even more than you could fathom. Don't believe me? Try it.


Nicole said...

Great post! I believe you and I've tried it. Sometimes it is very difficult to know the Lord's will and his direction but His way is always the best, even if I don't understand WHY.

Have a blessed Day,

Debra said...

So well put. I am impressed by your love and devotion. I pray you will help to change many hearts. God can work through your willing heart.
Thank you for that post, it was very good.