Well, I assumed....

School has once again started. We were some of the "Lucky" few to get to start on Monday. This week has been crazy, but it's great getting to see everyone again. I was fortunate to get to start the year in amazing way though. This past weekend I went to the Big Dig, which is an apologetics conference for teens through Focus on the Family. It was nice to start my year two days after something like that. The conference was more than just learning ways to defend Creation, God taught me something. He taught me about assuming. When people assume things, rumors get started, friendships get broken, and hearts are torn in two. This weekend I learned assuming can cost someone more than loosing a friendship. Here's what happened:

My youth group got to the church where it was held at a few minutes before the doors opened. After all, we did want to get good seats. We were all stoked and ready to go, and came running in when the doors opened. Well, our excitement quickly dwindled when we realized we still had an hour and a half before it started. In order to kill time, some friends and I walked around then sat people watching. Several kids passed by chatting and talking to their friends. I didn't give even the slightest thought about that they might not be a Christian. After all, this was a Christian conference about defending our faith. Well, later that night they had an invitation for anyone who wanted to accept Christ. Several of the kids who I had saw walked down the aisle who I had seen earlier. I just assumed that they knew. This hit me really hard, because I'm sure it happens all of the time. We think, "Well they go to Christian school, they must be a Christian", or "She's in my bible study, so I know she's a Christian", or maybe even, "I read my bible everyday, pray before my meals, and even go to church twice a week, so I'm a Christian". My friends, going to church, attending a bible study or reading your bible doesn't make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car. The only way to become a Christian is to accept Christ into your heart. I was lucky that this time these kids were given another opportunity to accept Christ. However, next time, the people I come into contact with may never be told the gospel again. Who are you sharing the good news with?

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