Time Sure does fly by fast.....l

Dear Blogging Friends,
It's been ages since I've written. The past few weeks have so so busy. Here are a few of the things that have gone on:

*Turned 16

*Helped run and plan our school's See You At the Pole which was a huge success, we had 42 people. God really showed up!

*Starting teaching swim lesions

*Started to be a T.A. at the middle school and tutor some of the kids for A+

*and my personal favorite, got my license!!!

Things should settle down here in the few few weeks, and I will be posting more. I have all of these "mini" blog post on random scraps of paper around my room. I'm praying for you all!
In His Love,

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Nancy said...

Turned 16 and starting to drive. Wow. That makes my head spin! What a fun time in life. Enjoy!