Dear Diary,

Note: This is not my own personal diary. I had a good friend that got pregnant this year. I wrote this from what I experienced through that, and from what I had read from other teen girls.

January 23
Dear Diary,
I'm 15 years old, this isn't supposed to happen, at least not to people like me. It's not like I'm sleeping around, it was a one time thing. After all, he said he loved me. That was then, but now I'm pregnant with his child, he doesn't want to see me anymore. This isn't the type of love he spoke about. All he loved was my body and what I could do for him.

April 28
Dear Diary,
My belly is staring to show more and more each day. People are starting to talk, and where is the baby's dad? He's out partying with his friends. He's probably getting drunk and romancing another girl with persuasive words telling her how much he loves her. If only she knew what he meant, if only I would have known.

June 1
Dear Diary,
Summer is finally here. I made it through the end of the school year. I could only take so many days of walking down the hall knowing everyone is talking about you, but no one is talking to you. I went to the doctor yesterday. He said the baby is healthy. I can feel it kicking, especially at night. It's a wild thing. Now, I keep saying "it" because I want to wait to find out if it's a girl or a boy. Thought it would be a good birthday surprise. Oh, I didn't mention that, did I? I'm due on my birthday. A baby shower isn't exactly what I would have imagined for my sweet 16, but then I never imagined I'd ever go so far with a guy either.

August 14
Dear Diary,
I couldn't take it anymore, I had to know. I'm going to have a boy! I asked when I went to the doctor this week. I'm kind of glad it's a boy. I always wanted to have a boy first. I've been trying to come up with a good name. I thought maybe Solomon, since he was so wise, at least that's what my mom says. I don't read the bible much, but I do want my baby to be wiser than I was.
I got a call from the baby's dad yesterday. He said he was moving to Oregon. I get so mad at him. He help make a baby, and now he's ditching him...and me.

September 16
Dear Dairy,
Stephan Solomon Slater was born today at 9:17am. He is as cute as can be, and healthy too. My whole family is here, and they even brought cake to celebrate our birthdays. As exciting as all of it was though, I couldn't help but be sad too. I know the next few years are going to be some of the hardest years of my life. Last week I had coffee with my friend and there at the coffee shop, while drinking Chi Tea, I accepted Christ. Even though Dave has ditched me, many of my friends won't speak to me, and half of my family hates me, I know I won't be going through this alone.


Bev Brandon said...

Hey Kaytlynn...thanks for your very kind comment to me. That made my day! I am a pretty desperate woman to know God for there is no life apart from HIM. I've been through sexual abuse, rape, and lots of suffering in this life. No matter what, He is a good God. You are a beautiful writer! It meant something to me that you would comment. Tell me sometime about this diary---I'd love to know...it so captured my heart! Stop by anytime...

JnL4God said...

Hi Kaytlynn,
Wow stories I could tell you about my life. Was this really your diary? If so Be Courageous you have the strongest one on your side. It was nice reading your blog Stephan has an awesome Mom it that was you. :)

From the Heart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I often wonder why God gives me the things He does, the one about peace especially. I read most of your blog and was very impressed. You are to be commended for what you have been through and choosing to give life to your precious little boy at such a young age. And you also found Jesus who will always be by your side and help you with any problem you may have. Life would be nothing without Him.

I am not a writer but God always gave me something when I was doing a card ministry (which I did for 6 years). I have two daughters, one is 45, and the other one is 40. I always wanted a boy but my youngest daughter gave me a beautiful grandson. He just turned 15 in May.

Please stop by anytime and hopefully you will find something encouraging each time. My blog is dedicated to my Heavenly Father and my desire is to be a help to anyone in need.

May God be with you always,

From the Heart said...

How did I miss that what you wrote was not you? I'm sorry if I misunderstood. However, I sense that you may be a very lonely person, but as long as you have Jesus you are not alone, He is your one true friend.

I started the card ministry in 2001after recovering from a fifth surgery on my neck. Because of all the other surgeries and the fact that the dr. had to put a rod in my neck to stablize it I was unable to return to work. I guess you might say God laid the card ministry on my heart. We attend a church (at that time about 1500) of over 2000 people. I just felt that there were people not being ministered to. We had plenty of pastors but - this is not easy to tell. I never felt worthy enough to do anything for God. For years I walked in my husband's shadow (he is an excellent singer). I talked with the senior pastor and he immediately had a plan in addition to my plan. I wanted to send cards to people who were in the hospital and he added 1st,
2nd, and 3rd time visitors. After he left I only did hospital and sympathy cards. However, we had a friend who was really sick and I just felt he needed a card every month and that list just grew as people would tell me of someone who was terminally ill or chronically ill. Then the hospital pastor asked me to send a valentine card to the shut-ins one year so I added them to the monthly cards. I'm not a writer but with God's help and an inspirational card program I did my own cards. Some mornings I would get up with a line of a song on my mind and I knew that was God giving me something to put in a card. When I saw pictures on the internet that would allow me to copy I saved them to My Pictures on my computer. It was so awesome when I would sit down at the computer to start a new card how easily things came together. It was truly a blessing for me that I could actually help encourage people and was doing something for God. Last year in May I had to have back surgery with 3 rods put in. After I came home I just lost the passion for the cards. It has been a little over a year and I'm still not totally over that surgery. The dr. said it would take at least a year. Then one day I was reading a devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministries that I get each day and the person that day mentioned she was going to do a bible study online about the women of the Bible so I signed up. From there I learned how to set up a blog and God has helped me with that. I often use something that I had used on my cards. One of the ladies at church suggested that I use a personal logo on the back of my cards which I did. It was From the Heart Card Ministry, and that is how I came up with the idea for the name of my blog.

Hope this helps and please continue to visit my blog. You are welcome to copy anything that you want should you start a card ministry.