It's what we all do

Today on the way to my grandpa's house I was listening to the Radio. It was some talk show about Nascar and people were calling in. I am personally not a Nascar fan, so I wasn't paying too much attention, but that quickly changed. A caller made this statement, "He's just doing what we all do in the end do What's best for us." I sat there, somewhat stunned at this statement. As Christians we shouldn't be looking out for ourselves, but look to what the Heavenly Father wants us to do. Unfortunately, that's not what most of us do. The caller was right, we mostly do look out for ourselves. We are constantly thinking about "me". As a nation we are constantly demanding rights, demanding more freedom, and have shaped our media to send out one message, "It's all about me". Galatians 5:13 says "For you were called to freedom, brethren; only {do} not {turn} your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another." We live in a "Christian" nation, but we're acting just the opposite.


Tracy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I read a number of your posts and Wow! I love what I see! Your heart for the Lord and for people is certainly evident in your writing.

I especially love this post. While it is a sad truth, it inspires me to do more to share the hope of Jesus with others!

You are one passionate student and that thrills my heart! Have a blessed day. Looking forward to stopping by again sometime soon!


Kay Martin said...

Our culture is urging us to think only of what's in it for me? you are so wise to be so young. Love your writing. I will be here often. May God graciusly bless you.

Kelley said...

This is great!! Yes, too many people live with the attitude "it's all about me!" Ironically it's that attitude that brings us the most misery. And it breaks my heart to know how sad it must make God.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comments and encouragement very much. You have a wonderful blog and I have enjoyed getting to know you a little bit today. I hope we "meet up" again soon....


Nicole said...


I enjoyed reading your blog today. I ventured over here via another friends blog. You are very wise beyond your years. The Lord is using you and don't let anyone look down on you because you are young (1 Timothy 4:12). Although, do not forget to enjoy your childhood and enjoy being a teenager. What I mean by that is when I was your age which was not too long ago people always told me I was very grown up and mature for my age. I always took it as a compliment but as I look back sometimes I wish that I wouldn't have grown up so fast. There were definetly some circumstances in my life that were out of my control, that caused and maybe even forced(depending on how you look at it) me to grow up faster than most other kids. Although, through it all I've learned to trust in Jesus and learned to trust in God. I wouldn't have traded my life with anyone else. I am me and I love myself for that. I am also thankful for the wisdom that the Lord gave me that has made me wise beyond my years. I am praying for you. I don't know your testimony but I would love to hear it. I would also be willing to share mine with you. You should come visit my blog.


Nancy said...

I love how your heart is always ready to receive a word from God. You are inspiring!
In Him,