See you Later

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was hot and sticky, just like any other summer day in New Orleans, but I was okay with that. I was so excited to finally be here and get to meet the people I had heard so much about. Melissa and I stepped out of the plane to meet my grandparents and head to the church. At the church we settled into the kitchen behind a trap, the place we would call home for the next week. After we had gotten enough unpacked to satisfy my grandparents we got to go start meeting the people. First stop was Potche's house. We arrived, and started walking towards the FEMA trailer. My excitement grew as we neared the door. My grandma opened it up, and BOOM there he was, tank top and all. Smiling as bright as even because we were there to help.

The first time I got to meet Potche was last summer on a missions trip to New Orleans, and unfortunately it's the last time I will have seen him here on this earth. I found out today he died. As sad as this is, I know there is reason to rejoice. He is now celebrating in Heaven with our Heavenly Father.

That's the good news when a believer dies. It's not really a goodbye, more a "until we meet again". I know I will get to see Potche again one day, and it will be quite the reunion. He will no longer walk with a limp, but rather be able to jump for joy because of the love of our Lord. See you soon Potche.

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