Minutes In My Day

Minutes In My Day
Sleeping- 480
Going to School- 360
Eating- 75
Talking on the Phone- 90
Spent with God- Not Enough

God has given me 1,440 minutes a day. That's it, no more, no less. I have 1440 minutes in a day to spend, and it's my choice on how I use them. I can spend the surfing the web, hanging out with my friends, relaxing at Benettis (the little coffee shop we have in town which I love). Unfortunately, not very many of those minutes are spent with God. How do you spend your time? Do you set aside time everyday to spend with your Maker? I can say from experience, it's one of the best way to spend those 1440 minutes. Take time now to evaluate on how you spend your time. You might be surprised on just how many minutes are wasted.

This post was inspired by Emily Cummins blog. To see more about how you spend the minutes in your day, click here.


Tracy said...

Wow, is this convicting. How many minutes a day do I spend on blogging, Facebook, reading e-mails in contrast to how much time I spend with the Lord. Thanks for sharing this perspective.

Meghan said...

Wow it is intersting to know. It made me relize how many times i say I dont have time or I will do it later. That I need to be spending time in God's Word and with God every day