More than just "hanging in there"

Sometimes life just plain stinks. Things happen that are out of our control that drastically affect us. This could be anything from getting fired, a loved one dying, or having to quit your favorite sport due to an injury. Times like these are rough, but our attitude makes a huge difference. You Have you ever thought about how most people act when life gets rough? Most of the time, they're grumpy, just wanting to make it through the day so they can start over tomorrow just to do the same. As Christians, if we were to change our attitudes and be joyful for the blessings God has given us, it's going to make people stop and take a second look. It we, while siting on the side says, wounded and bruised, can say "How Great is our God?", people are going to know there is something different about us...and our God. They are going to notice that, even though our life may be a wreck, we can have peace and security in the King of the Universe. Take time and tell God just how great He is, even if life isn't going perfectly for you. After all, you may never know who's watching.


Nicole said...

Amen sister!

Meghan said...

That is very true for so many of us. So many people have a bad attitudes on life. But as Christians we are suppose to be joyful and that is so hard. That is powerful writing. Amen