I'm Back

If it doesn't start here, where will it start?
If it doesn't start now, when will it start?
If we don't take a stand for this, what will we take a stand for?
If we don't stand for Truth now, when will we put our foot down and start making a difference?

God has given many of us different passions and gifts, each which we can use to make a difference in this world. This will look different for many of us. For some, it may be making a movie exposing abortion clinics covering up statuary rape, for others, it may be publishing a newspaper article about the facts for Intelligent Design, or for you, it could be having coffee with a close friend and presenting the Gospel to them. It doesn't take long to look around in our nation and see how we've become corrupted and distorted the Truth. The time to act is now. Not tomorrow, not when you're older or have more money. The place isn't there, across the street, or in a higher paying office, but right here, where God has placed you. Be praying about where God will use you this year to make a difference for Him!

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Nicole said...

So glad you are back! Such words of wisdom!!! Keeping speaking for Him. You are so young and making a big impact. I'm so excited to see where you are at in your walk with the Lord in a few years. Amazing and beautiful!!! Keep seeking Him. Thank you for reminding me to get involved. I know this is our time as Christians to shine so to speak. I am so glad He loves us and protects us and desires to use me in spite of my weaknesses. In my weakness He is strong!