Awesome God

Our God is an awesome God. His beauty is displayed everywhere I look, from snow-covered trees, to the early morning sunrises on the way to school. All a reminder of how beautiful and awesome He is. No matter what may come my way, Hi is in control. Death and destruction are so prevalent in this world, it's comforting to know that someone is watching over us. He reigns with power and love.

So often, when we think of Christ, we think of a man hanging on the cross who is tired, sore, weak, or a man with his hands folded looking up, quiet and meek. Those two pictures don't truly captive the power God has. Christ is coming back, not as a babe in a manger, but to rule this world. So often we don't realize what a might God we serve. He is so powerful He created the stars in the sky, controls the sea and wind, and even overcame death. Yet so loving He come into this world of sin, suffered, and died for us. He knows every deep dark secret of our hearts, every thought we have ever thought, and every move we have ever made, but he still LOVES us. Don't we serve an awesome God?

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