Good From death?

Death strikes again, and once again it has caused me to examine my life. What if my purpose for being here? Am I really living for Christ? Questions like these run through my head. The sad news of Zach Gamble dieing reached myself and the rest of he swim team today during the meet. During the 500 we all went into a room and talked about it. we were torn at the loss of a student and a friend to many of us. As tears ran down our faces, we held each other close. I got a nagging in my heart, one of those nagging from the Holy Spirit. "We need to pray for his family". I looked over at my friend and whispered if she would join me in praying for them. To my relief she nodded she head yes. I made a brief announcement that we would be praying for his family if anyone wanted to join us. Then the most amazing thing happened-no one left, ever single person stayed. I know there are girls on the team who are not saved-some even claim to be atheists. I know seeds were planted today, and God is up in heaven smiling. It was nice to be able to pray. Upon joining the swim team (actually the main purpose I joined) was to witness to the girls. Everyday I come into contact with so many people who do not know Jesus. I am developing relationships with these people and because of those relationships I am able to witness to them. God has truly blessed me in the fact that I go to public school. I have a chance to get into the gov. system of education and make a stand for Christ! I encourage you to witness to those around you. You could be the difference between someone spending forever in Heaven or Hell!

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