Until We Meet Again

Wow, another one gone. Today my friends and family met to prayer over a good friend, Whitney, who will be going to Sudan to be a missionary. Like everyone else I have groups of friends, "Church friends", "School Friends", "Best Friends", "Swim Friends", and so on. Well after today, this pretty much completes all of the groups (at least the ones with Christians apart of them) having a missionary in them. I get tired of constantly saying good-bye, but that is part of being surrounded by missionaries.
God has taught me so much about Himself through having loved ones be missionaries. I have learned to trust Him. Trust Him for security and protection for my friends and family. Me being here and them being thousands of miles away being warriors for Christ,there isn't anything physically I can do to protect them. But that's ok, because there is another part of the battle I can fight. I can pray for them and encourage them. Besides "our battles are not against flesh and blood, but principalities of the dark". As another friend goes off to fight for Christ, I know I will continue to pray, and fight here on my knees!

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