Walking through the halls,
Sitting at the lunch table
She's surrounded by hundreds of people,
Yet feels all alone. She will do anything
If someone will just see her,
and she will no longer be

One day, it finally happens
A guy comes, he says he loves her
He makes her feel special,
But this attention comes at a high price
And she is willing to pay it.
So she gives all of herself away
Just to be seen
and not thought as

She hates herself, but cherishes every moment
Someone finally sees her, but he moves on
And she falls back to being, once again

Days turn into weeks and weeks into months as
She walks through the busy halls,
And sits in the crowded lunch room
Yet still feels all alone
She is willing to do anything,
If someone will just see her
and she will no longer be

A group of kids come over
"Could this be it?" she wonders
"Will they actually see me?"
They do, but their attention comes at a price too
They demand her loyalty, a vow of commitment to the group
She gives her vow all for the sake of not being

The drugs, the cutting, and the stealing
All make her hate herself even more
"But they care for her, right?"
"They saw here, didn't they?"
But now, they demand too much
She refuses, and once again becomes

She is worse than when she started
With a whole in her heart
From sleeping with the one who said he loved her
And the scars that cover her arms from the blades
She still walks through the halls, and sits at the lunch table completly

She has finally mustered up the courage to do it
She wishes she would have done it along time ago
Now, her plans are made,
The notes are written explaining the "why"
All she has to do is jump
She double checks the rope
Takes a breathe, and is ready to end her suffering from being

Before her feet leave the ground
The phone rings, she wonders
"Does someone really care?"
Loosening the ropes, she answers it
"What will one last good-bye hurt?"
The person on the other line didn't want a good-bye
They wanted a hello, maybe she wasn't completely

They said they saw her
She looked at the scars on her arm
A reminder of the price paid to be seen
The voice on the other line told her of a love
A true love that doesn't cost
"Could this be so?"
"A love that's free and true?"
This is what she wanted
She listened as the voice told her of a man
A man known by the name of Jesus
The voice told her of how
He died for her and loved her
All she had to do was accept Him
And she did
She hung up the phone
And looked at the rope
Should wouldn't be needing it anymore
For she was no longer

Who are the invisible people around you?


HIS Princess said...

wow....girl this is powerful stuff. I love how you wrote it. Very moving!!

Sonshine said...

Yes, I totally agree. Very challenging. Keep up the good work :)

Sonshine said...

I totally agree. Very challenging. Well done - keep up the great work :)