Please Excuse the Break

My dear Bloggers,
For the next week you will see no new post on my blog. There are two reasons for this. One I'm participating in Brio's 30 day Challenge. Part of the challenge is going 7 days without being on the computer. So from Sun (June 1) till Saturday (June 7) I will not be on the computer. Brio's 30 day challenge is a once a year event that challenges teens to get closer to God. It's divided into four weeks. Each week focus on a different area. If this is something you are interested in doing you can check it out at www.briomag.com. The 2nd reason I'll be at Worldview Academy. However, if you need to get a hold of me (or just want to say hey) you may write to
Kaytlynn Clemons
Worldview Academy
C/O University of Central Missouri
Meeting & Conference Services
Eliot Union 301
Warrensburg, MO 64093
or email me at studentmaileast@worldview.org and put my name in the subject line.Thanks for understanding my short leave.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the Brio 30 day Challenge too! Yay! We are both going to do it this year, I believe we can. I will keep in touch. Have a great time at Worldview soon.
God Bless,

kate said...

i know you wont get this for a week...but I LOVE YOU. and i think you're the best. praying for you dear! we should hang out soon!